Read This First Before Chasing After No Deposit Casino Bonuses!

They say that all that glitters is not gold, but does this apply to everything in life one wonders? What about some of those No Deposit casino bonuses that get advertised complete with bonus codes, are they really legit, are they the real deal?

The thing to understand about casino bonuses is that they come in different shapes, they certainly also come in different sizes as well, that's for sure! One may be very tempted by a great casino offering saying how good a particular casino is, and how great they are to their customers; always giving everyone the best deal around. Then they give you a list of bonus codes to choose from. Where does one start, how's one know which is the one to pick?

Sometimes it can be a bit like a lottery, not knowing which number to pick or where to get started. Ever been so indecisive, that sometimes nothing gets done at all? Then there is the plight of the Canadian looking out to try and find a great No Deposit bonus that will get them off to an absolute flyer.

After selecting their casino they find the appropriate code and when they enter it, everything seems to be going through as planned, only to find out later, that they don't accept Canadian customers. Incredibly yes, this does happen and it's most certainly not fun!

Also, as found out from above, if one is a Canadian player for example, it's far better to restrict ones research to Canadian review websites that specifically cater for their own residents.

Seriously what value is there in signing up with an overseas company that is trying to take care of every player and their mother, welcoming all with open arms and ends up being a Jack of all trades and master of none. This doesn't mean it happens all the time, but forewarned, is forearmed!

Using a casino from one's own country, there'll be a far better understanding of what the player is really looking for and they'll be in tune with things like customer service requirements and languages spoken. It never ceases to amaze how many websites claim that English for example is "spoken" but perhaps a more accurate appraisal would be that English is "attempted".

This most definitely is not cool and it's made even worse by English sites that compound the problem as well with foreign customer service reps as well as natives who have such a strong accent, they can't be understood by their own people!

Be sure to speak to customer services at the chosen casino to check this aspect out. The player needs to have everything explained verbally to get a proper grasp before spending a dime. The written word doesn't always cut it when having to deal with the small print, does it? Now it's time to forget bonus codes and switch on to the favorite games! After all that's the point of being here, isn't it! If you're tired of entering bonus codes only to find that they don't cater to Canadian customers visit casinoclowns where you will find free online Canadian casinos and bonuses. All of them are made specifically for Canadian players. Stop wasting time with codes that may not even work and start using bonuses you can trust today.